Virtual Reality allows a more immersive learning experience.

Training just got a whole lot more interactive.

We bring virtual reality to social care  training.

Plus, we make it fun and memorable. Studies have shown that virtual reality-based learning leads to greater retention of subject information and lowers the course delivery time.

Watch our short video below to see more.

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When you recruit new staff, especially if they’re not from a care background, the problem is creating an environment that is as realistic as possible as the scenario that they’re actually going to be working in.

Emma Croston, Learning & Development Professional.

We deliver Virtual Reality Training nationally.

We can bring the equipment to you and your site. Although, we will ask some questions beforehand to ensure the location is suitable for the delivery.

Easily compatible for those with limited tech experience.

We designed our VR training to require minimum user intervention. Learners can jump straight in, be immersed in a live classroom, and interact with the session like never before.

Why not try a new way of engaging your learners and breaking the current conventional training mould? Your teams will thank you.

Training to remember.

We bring modern technology to the conventional workplace and enhance training delivery by bringing innovative and disruptive solutions to the health education market.

Did you know that most of the next generations entering health and social care are tech-enabled and expect to use some form of technology as part of their daily work?

Many care providers across the United Kingdom are implementing VR and other tech as part of their blended learning offerings. If you would like to get ahead of the curve and help attract and retain more staff with innovative training, then get in touch.