What is Architecture & why do you need it?

Architecture is an innovative digital care planning system that opens doors to countless possibilities and takes your organisation to the digital era. Our intelligent Artificial Intelligence, Jack, is a game-changer – it can handle multiple tasks such as audits, staffing, reporting and data sharing in a snap, saving you valuable hours and considerable costs. With Architecture, you can wave goodbye to old-fashioned methods and welcome a world of digital advancement and optimisation. Embrace the freedom of modern care planning with Architecture by your side, and expand your potential for success. The possibilities are endless for enhancing your social care organisation with the support of Architecture.

Designed for Home Care & Supported Living

Architecture automates and digitalises the daily back-end management for many home care and supported living services. 

Care planning? Lone Worker Management? Invoicing? Document Management? Care Planning? Communication? Thanks to our revolutionary system disrupting the social care tech market, it’s a breeze.

Architecture is a mobile and web-friendly application. You do not need any significant infrastructure to deploy, and can be setup in minutes. 

Goodbye, limited services and multi-subscriptions 👋


With our unique safety management features, BICS (Built-in communication system), Emergency Alerting and other lone working features - you can rest assured knowing your staff are safe and reachable. That's just one of many reasons we are trusted nationally.

Integrated, Mobile and Simple.

We don’t believe in jargon or over complication. With Architecture, you can manage your social care business with a straightforward application. Gone are the days of multiple calendars, mileage tracking, spreadsheets, time sheets, training records, policies… well, you get the picture.

Don’t believe us? You can trial Architecture and see how beneficial our platform can be to your organisation.

You can trial for free until March 2024 if you use White's Training for your fully funded training. If not, you can trial free of charge for thirty days.

What have you got to lose? 🤔

Moving from another provider?

We have supported a few of our customers with advice on transferring from other platforms to Architecture. The process is different depending on the current provider. 

Don’t stress – we can advise you on how best to move to Architecture. You won’t regret it.

Are you a service provider and wish to discuss integrations of your platform into Architecture?

We are currently working with a few organisations to integrate and share data and are always open to looing at ways to digitalise Health & Social Care with other like minded services.

What’s needed to get started?

Architecture is available as a Web Application or native application on mobile devices like Android and iOS. You do not need the latest gadgets to run Architecture. However, we recommend that devices less than 3-4 years old are okay, provided they are regularly updated and supported.

You do not need a continuous Wi-Fi connection to use Architecture. The system is designed to be mobile and can operate on 4G networks. The application also has offline data sync and access in case of working in remote areas with poor reception.

We think about data access, security and portability in each design part. This ensures you receive the most stable and secure application to ensure your critical data remains available.

Want more info?

We understand that looking for the right digital solution can be difficult. Please speak to one of our team who will gladly advise and support you with your enquiry.

You can also attend a no-obligation on-boarding webinar to see how Architecture can revolutionise your working methods.

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