An introduction to our Specialist Training courses

Healthcare workers need specialist training in many different fields, from moving and assisting the elderly or supporting people with disabilities to managing high-risk situations such as epilepsy or working with service users who show challenging behaviours. At White’s Training, we offer a selection of specialist courses focusing on specific topics that can help and improve a carer’s skills, while covering the basics and offering practical demonstrations. 

In this blog, we will give an overview of our specialist courses such as epilepsy awareness and Buccal Midazolam administration, moving and assisting, challenging behaviour awareness, and tracheostomy care. 

Epilepsy Awareness training and Buccal Midazolam Administration

Epilepsy is a common condition that causes frequent seizures which temporarily affect how the brain works. It is vital for carers to have the right training in order to provide immediate help and support to their service users. At White’s Training, we offer a specialist course focused on Epilepsy Awareness and Buccal Midazolam Administration that lasts 3 hours and is still delivered in person as it is crucial to understand how to do it in the correct way. The course will cover topics such as:

  • What is Epilepsy
  • Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AED’s)
  • First Aid and Epilepsy
  • Seizure Management
  • Types of seizures
  • How to safely care for someone having a seizure
  • How to administer Buccal Midazolam
  • Safe storage of Buccal Midazolam

This course is suitable for carers working closely with users diagnosed with epilepsy who require assistance with their condition and their treatments. Since the medication administration is complicated and could have dangerous side effects, our course also focuses on how to safely administer Buccal Midazolam during our face-to-face training courses.

Moving & Assisting

Knowing how to properly move and assist a person is a fundamental part of every carer’s training as it is a key daily task for many health and social care workers. For this reason, White’s Training offers a specialist course that can be delivered virtually, face-to-face or via e-learning over the course of three hours and covers topics such as: 

  • Risk assessments
  • Ergonomics
  • Skeletal system
  • Back care
  • Practical demonstration
  • Changes in mobility
  • Common causes of back / joint pain

Our Moving and Assisting course is designed for carers who work in social care settings. People may need support for different reasons, such as old age, disabilities or an injury and it is crucial that carers are able to help them in a safe way. At White’s Training, we cover basic knowledge and provide practical demonstrations, making this course a great start for people entering the care sector. 

Challenging Behaviour Awareness

Adult social care workers often find themselves working with people demonstrating  challenging behaviours. In these situations, a carer must be able to assist and support the service user while trying to prevent the behaviour from developing or getting worse. At White’s Training, we offer a three-hour course focused on Challenging Behaviour Awareness which can be delivered face-to-face, virtually or via e-learning. This course will cover topics such as:

  • What is challenging behaviour
  • Causes of challenging behaviour
  • Signs & symptoms of challenging behaviour
  • De-escalation of a situation
  • Communication
  • Person-centred provision
  • Safety

There are many possible triggers for challenging behaviours, such as autism, learning disabilities or mental health issues. The aim of our Challenging Behaviour Course is to give the carer confidence in dealing with these situations, while also minimising the risks and preventing the behaviour from getting worse. Our course follows a person-centred approach and teaches how to effectively communicate with service users. 

Tracheostomy care

Tracheostomies are a temporary clinical measure used in different circumstances such as compromised airways, respiratory support or clearing respiratory secretions. Tracheostomy care is a crucial clinical skill that a carer must have in order to safely mitigate potential risks and correctly manage medical equipment. At White’s Training, we offer a course specialising in Tracheostomy Care which covers topics such as: 

  • Tracheostomy humidification
  • Managing tracheostomy care emergencies
  • Assessment & certification
  • Removal of tracheostomy tube
  • Communication to alleviate panic and distress
  • Types of tracheostomy tubes

Our Tracheostomy Care Course is designed to train health care workers to ensure the service user’s safety and to properly handle medical equipment. Being trained on how to use this equipment and the hygienic procedures that it requires is fundamental for carers since the misuse could lead to serious complications. We cover how to properly manage a tracheostomy safely and hygienically, to avoid any actions which may lead to serious complications. This course is not only aimed at nurses, but also at healthcare professionals in all settings.

Our courses enable carers to offer the best possible care to their service users with different needs and abilities. Every course at White’s Training is tailored to give health and social care workers the necessary support, skills and advice to enable the safe delivery of care and support to people who are vulnerable or who may have additional care and support needs. If you’re interested in our courses, please check out our Open Courses here