How are White’s Training Services delivering high-quality training virtually?

Virtual learning, quality training.

By using Zoom to host our virtual training, we are able to use practical elements such as visual aids and videos so that we are able to deliver the same course material as we would in a classroom environment.

Our courses are designed in a way that has meant we haven’t had to adapt too much; we are able to send out the same resources and workbooks as we usually would and we carry out online assessments which we are able to view in real time and see where people need additional support.

We encourage participation through group discussions and holding live Q&A sessions throughout the course to get an indication of how much learning the participants have been able to retain. We also continuously monitor engagement throughout our courses to ensure learners are actively taking part; if learners have their cameras or microphones turned off or have not been responsive for a while, they can be removed from the course if the trainer feels that they are not actively taking part in the training session.

At White’s Training Services, all of our trainers are in-house and are trained to use their initiative and use activities and video resources where relevant to adapt the course material to Zoom calls. Our course content and quality has not been changed in any way – we have simply adapted to delivering the training in a new, digital way.

How are White’s Training’s virtual courses structured?

All of our virtual courses start with an overview of the course objectives and structure, and then move onto an introduction and icebreaker activity. Often we have learners from different companies and in different roles so we like to break down any barriers and encourage everyone to work together and share experiences to enhance the learning experience. With Zoom, we are able to use functions like the whiteboard tool or breakout rooms to allow people to have discussions or take part in activities and get involved with the task.

At our headquarters in Watton, Norfolk, we have a 360° camera which allows our trainers to physically demonstrate course elements, such as British Sign Language or CPR, so that our learners can continue to learn from a visual demonstration. This also supports our training in courses such as manual handling, where we are able to perform demonstrations of manoeuvres and actions using an on-site bed.

Will White’s Training continue to offer virtual training past Covid-19?

Absolutely – we have received excellent feedback from both companies and learners. In the last year, the health and social care industry has been forced into this method of learning and development delivery however, we are now seeing people recognise the benefits it can bring. Employers are recognising the reduced costs of training, with eliminated travel expenses and employee hours spent on learning and development, whilst employees are able to complete training in their own environment, including those on maternity or statutory leave who would not have been able to otherwise.

Excellent presentation and teaching skills by Emma. Always hard to deliver training by Zoom, but Emma’s enthusiasm made the course both fun and interesting.

  • Customer review, February 2021

We are seeing more positive learner engagement virtually than we do in a classroom environment and we are still able to offer a high level of support to all participants. Closed captioning is used on all courses, where a live transcript is shown on screen as the trainer is speaking. We also review and adapt to the needs of each individual learner; for example, if an ESOL learner is taking part in a course, we will give them additional support and time on written assessments to account for this. Learners who require 1-1 support are given this privately at the end of the course, whilst all learners receive distance support for the duration of the course validity, where they can request further information and ask us questions as much as they need as long as their course certification is up to date. Our trainers also send out additional support materials to all learners which enables learners to ask them questions following this as and when needed.

We have also had a lot of our current clients request that we continue to offer virtual training past lockdown and Covid-19 due to the cost savings and increased employee participation in mandatory and specialist training.

Delivering courses in person and within guidelines

For some of our specialist training courses, such as Epilepsy Awareness and Buccal Midazolam, it is essential that we continue to deliver these in person because of how crucial it is to get it right.

In order for us to keep both our trainers and learners safe, both our client and ourselves carry out a risk assessment prior to the training and put in place any agreed safety measures. Social distancing is applied at all times, temperature checks are carried out on arrival and PPE is worn by both the trainer and participants. We ensure that the classroom area and facilities used are kept completely separate from any residents and service users, and all areas are sterilized before, during and after the training session.

In these sessions, our trainers take on more of an instructor role rather than demonstrating, to maintain social distancing but also to still be able to deliver the training at the quality and level needed to meet requirements. 

We are also only offering in person training to providers who are currently carrying out weekly Covid-19 checks on their employees to protect our trainers, and our trainers have a screening period before they travel to another site and a test taken before they attend to carry out the training. We are extremely proud that there hasn’t been a single case of Covid-19 in our team at White’s Training and that 60% of our employees have now had their vaccination.

White’s Training Services was founded in order to fill the gap in delivering high quality training at a low cost, and we are extremely proud to have been able to respond and adapt quickly in the last 12 months to continue this promise virtually. The last year has been incredibly challenging for the whole sector so the fact that we have been able to continue developing and supporting key workers during this time without losing out on our high standards of quality is an achievement we are especially proud of. If you’d like to find out more about our virtual training, please get in touch to discuss your needs.