Why rapid induction and essential training is key during winter pressures

The second coronavirus wave puts a lot of extra pressure on the Health and Social Care sector this winter. We are working at full speed to provide essential training for everyone working on the front line.

Why rapid induction and essential training is more important than ever this winter

With the ongoing second coronavirus wave during the winter months, the pressure on the Health and Social Care sector is rising dramatically. Care providers need to prepare for an especially hard season – the major concern being that care facilities will be overloaded and not able to manage the demand. 

To ensure you have enough staff resources equipped to meet the demand, White’s Training offers rapid induction and essential training to train staff who are new to the sector or need their training refreshed.

Why is there more pressure on the Health and Social Care sector during winter? 

Over the last few years, there has been a noticeable rise in demand during winter. The cold weather causes more seasonal illnesses and worsens chronic health conditions, which leads to more people going to their GP or the hospital. Furthermore, the Health and Social Care sector is also highly underfunded, understaffed and one of the sectors most impacted by Brexit. Now with the second coronavirus wave, the Health and Social Care sector has to face an additional challenge. These factors all contribute to high pressure and a need for more staff – especially this winter.

What is the government doing to support understaffed care providers during this difficult time?

In September, the government published a paper regarding their COVID-19 winter plan 2020/21. They emphasised that they want to keep providing high quality training through Skills for Care, which helps increase the amount of well-trained workforce in Adult Social Care in England. Skills for Care has awarded a grant to White’s Training to deliver essential training in response to COVID-19. We are able to offer fully funded training for registered care providers, with up to 30 funded learners for your organisation.

How does White’s Training prepare learners to work under the current pressures?

We understand the importance of rapid induction and essential training to get your staff ready to work as soon as possible, however this doesn’t impact the quality of our training.  We want to make sure that our learners are well prepared for the exceptional circumstances they might have to work under at the moment.

Our fully funded essential training consists of three programmes: 

  • Rapid Induction Programme for those new or returning to care
  • Current Staff Update Training for existing staff
  • Volunteers Learning Programme for volunteers 

Our training covers the essential modules you need to work in Adult Health and Social Care, whilst also allowing everyone to ask questions or have discussions to make the training as supportive as possible. The course modules covered in the Rapid Induction Programme, which is currently highest in demand, are: 

  • Care Certification Knowledge Digital Learning 
  • Assisting and Moving People – theory and witnessed practical 
  • Basic Life Support 
  • Fire Safety 
  • Food Safety
  • Health and Safety Awareness
  • Infection Prevention and Control (COVID-19 included)
  • Safeguarding (specifically around isolation) 
  • Medication

All our training is done virtually, in open groups and classrooms with other learners. You only need a computer with a webcam, microphone and a stable internet connection. Find out more about our fully funded training and how to register here.

As White’s Training is an essential service, we will keep providing all our services throughout lockdown and COVID-19. Therefore, during winter pressure we not only support you with our fully funded training, but also with all our other services such as Specialist Training, Management Training and Recruitment Services. Have a look at our open courses and search for the training you need. We are here to help you!